Commercial General Contractor


Farwest General Contracting is a leading Alaska General Contractor specializing in residential and commercial projects.

We have completed many successful projects throughout Alaska.

We mobilize quickly and pride ourselves on the impossible timeframe.

We are efficient and value-oriented. We have a long track record working with architects and owners to make the smart, every-day decisions that make a project successful.

Our service and integrity are second to none  – we support our clients throughout the process and beyond, and view every project as the beginning of a long-term relationship.

We figure it out and we make it happen.

Discover the Farwest approach

"The Farwest team will deliver results.  They will deliver pricing on a timely basis, their numbers will be highly competitive and their work will be of high quality.  In addition, the Farwest team is easy to communicate with and professional.  In short, I know if I recommend Farwest, the result will reflect favorably on me."

– Dan Dahl, Broker, Colliers –


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